Third Eye Essential Oil Blend

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A potent essential oil blend infused with crystals to heighten and stimulate the Pineal Gland – Enhancing an eye not to look but to see.

Amethyst - is known as the “All Healer” Amethyst is a stone of immeasurable enlightenment and divinity. Amethyst’s violet rays hold the universal life force of magic, dreams, inspiration, and destiny.

Rainbow moonstone - embodies deep-seated feminine energy that helps you embrace psychic gifts & your innate personal power.

Black tourmaline crystal - gives psychic protection against negative energy & psychic attack.

Dried flowers ~ Lavender blossom and dried rose petals

Essential oils 

❁  Frankincense – the oil of truth

 Clary sage – the oil of clarity and vision

 Myrth – the oil of Mother Earth

 Petitgrain – the oil of ancestry

 Peppermint – the oil of a buoyant heart

 Litsea – the oil of manifestation

 Lavender – the oil of communication and calm

 Juniper berry – the oil of night

 Spearmint – the oil of confident speech

 Cedarwood - the oil of community

Please note:

Avoid if pregnant as this product contains Clary Sage

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