Human Design Overview Reading

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New to Human Design?
An overview reading will give you a solid foundation and a deep understanding of the important aspects in your design. You will have the information and knowledge to start to experimenting with your Strategy & Authority.

You will discover:
- Aura Type and Dynamics
- Strategy and Authority
- Quantum View of Openness and Definition

Understanding your genetic code and uniqueness is key. We all have the opportunity to create less resistance and more ease within our lives. Knowing your design will give you the confidence and answers you may have been searching for. It is time to be you.

Our 75min session will be recorded for you to refer back to at anytime.

- Meeting via Zoom.
- The session will be conducted by Lisa Maree, a 3/6 Mental Projector

Further recommendation:
9 Week - Living Your Design Awakening Program.

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