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We welcome you to explore the vast differences between 7-Centred intimacy over true 9-Centred intimacy. Discover your bonding strategy and how you are designed to connect with others through your body intelligence. 

What you will get to understand how we are moving away from dependency and codependent relationships that are based on pure reproduction and mental fears. What you learn will give you the opportunity to evolve into having stronger individual and interdependent connections that are sustainable and allowing us to thrive in our  relationships

Workshop Includes:

Day 1 - Introduction to Genetic Bonding Strategy 

We will share and discuss:

Line 1 - The Penetrator

Bonding Strategy - Pursuer/Pursued - the Preemptive Strike

Line 2 - The Loner

Bonding Strategy - Shyness/Boldness

Line 3 - The Adventurer

Bonding Strategy - Openness - Bonds Made and Broken


Day 2 - Genetic Bonding Strategy 

We will share and discuss:

Line 4 - The Companion

Bonding Strategy - Confidant or Not - Brotherhood/Sisterhood

Line 5 - The Seducer/Seduced

Bonding Strategy - Femme Fatale or Casanova

Line 6 - The Dreamer

Bonding Strategy - Soul Mate or Not - The One Night Stand




The workshop is intended to guide you in understanding your individual intimacy dynamics and expand your emotional awareness. 

- Online Workshop Via Zoom 

- Duration: Approximately 2hr per session 

- Interactive Workshop - Participants BodyGraph will be discussed 

(although not required)



The session will be conducted and guided by Lisa Maree, a 3/6 Mental Projector and  Rose Osman, a 2/4 Splenic Projector, Quad Right Variable


This program is also offered as a package - Sexual Signature & Bonding Strategy Package

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