Discover Your Sexual Signature

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What is your natural expression for intimacy? Discover how you are designed to connect with others through the lens of Human Design. Knowing our chemistry and sexual nature eliminates any blame or shame for the way in which we are designed to love and experience the other.

We all have an intimate non-verbal language we express.

Are you ready to discover yours? 

Upcoming Workshop: 

Date: February Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th - 2022

Time: 7pm-9pm AEST

Workshop Includes:

Day 1 - Introduction to Sexual Streams, Tribal Sexuality - Religious Dogma and Taboos within Human Intimacy 

Day 2 - Individual Sexuality - Poetry, Passion and Music 

Day 3 - Collective Sexuality - The Desire for Experience and Feelings 



The workshop is intended to guide you in understanding your individual intimacy dynamics and expand your emotional awareness. 

- Online Workshop Via Zoom 

- Duration: Approximately 2hr per session 

- Interactive Workshop - Participants BodyGraph will be discussed 

(although not required)



The session will be conducted and guided by Lisa Maree, a 3/6 Mental Projector and  Rose Osman, a 2/4 Splenic Projector, Quad Right Variable

This program is also offered as a package - Sexual Signature & Bonding Strategy Package

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