BG5 Full Career Consultation

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BG5 Full Career Consultation brings you to explore 16 aspects of your Career Design. In 4 sessions, we will explore 16 Success Codes which cover:

- Foundation to your individual Career Design (6 Success Codes)
- Exploring your skills and attributes when working in a group (2 Success Codes)
- Dive into your nine functions - exploring where are your distraction and potentials
(2 Success Codes)
- Your Life's Work and Public Role (2 Success Codes)
- Your Strengths, Characteristics and Themes (3 Success Codes)
- Your Large Business Strengths and Language (1 Success Codes)

BG5 Full Career Consultation will be conducted in 4 sessions. Each session takes approximately 75-90 minutes. You will be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation within 24 hours after the session.

Rose Osman, our BG5 Consultant will email you within 24 hours to schedule the sessions.

Additional Information:
- Session will take place via Zoom.
- Duration: 75-90 minutes for each session

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