BG5 Business Partnership Overview

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Have you ever wondered where the real strengths and weak points are within your partnership dynamics? 


BG5 Business Partnership Overview offers you to explore the connection with your business partner or a team member. In the overview, we are going to touch these aspects of partnership and help you to understand the collaborations better.

- Effective communication through verbal and non-verbal communication.
- Explore effective Decision-Making in business together
- Learn how individual Career Design affect each other
- Learn to grow together and more
- Hot-spot in partnership, what brings the crisis
- What makes you two experience conflicts in the partnership?
- And more!

BG5 Business Partnership Overview
is a perfect investment before you enter into any business or intimate partnership or after you have entered into the partnership. The information and exploration would help you navigate your relationship with awareness and compassion.


For best experience, it would be ideal to have both partners available in the session.
You will be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation within 24 hours after the session.

Rose Osman, our BG5 Career and Business Consultant will email you within 24 hours to schedule the session.

Additional Information:

- Session will take place via Zoom.
- Duration: 75-90 minutes

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