About Us

Threaded Earth is creatively connecting to a new world. A new earth that is threaded and bound by Love. Our mission is to educate and inspire, flowering in consciousness together as a collective through the profound knowledge of the Human Design System. 

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation that explores the human evolutionary journey and connects us to our evolved form as a nine-centred being. The Human Design System reveals our predisposition and unique genetic code that allows us to know who we are through our nature and nurturing potential. 

We are two Projectors that are passionate to share, to bring forward the knowledge and education that awakens and aligns the body, mind and spirit. Together through our life purpose, we empower those through the transformation of spirit and ground them to the world of form. 



Lisa Maree Akhurst
3/6 Mental Projector
Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love 

IHDS Certified Professional 

For consultations and readings with Lisa Maree - The Eye Of Innocence

Rose Osman
2/4 Splenic Projector
Right Angle Cross of Service 

IHDS and BG5 Certified Professional 

For consultations and readings with Rose Osman - Human Design Malaysia



I was born on the Cross of the Vessel of Love

Have you discovered your design? The Human Design System has unlocked a much deeper understanding of the many interrelated facets of the human body, mind and spirit. I certainly invite you to explore. I am a Certified Professional by the International Human Design School.

Human Design