Flow with Lisa and Rose

Welcome! We would like to invite you to join us for our FREE live discussions.


- Tune in to our flow every Monday as we journey around the 64 Hexagrams of the wheel. 

- General discussions around Human Design. 

- FREE course overview. 

- Human Design community interactions.


Where: via our Facebook Page 

Time: 12pm AEST / 10am Malaysia 



As Projectors, we are passionate in flowering our consciousness and awareness through connecting with others. We both enjoy conversing and sharing our knowledge, unfolding experience and laughter through the Human Design System.  


Please join us for our Weekly Flow:
Facebook: @flowwithlisaandrose
Instagram: @flowwithlisaandrose
Youtube: flowwithlisaandrose


Would you like to Flow with us!?

We enjoy supporting those who are experimenting with their design and would love to hear all the ups and downs along your unfolding journey. 

Do you want to come and share your experience with us live in Flow with Lisa and Rose? 


Please contact us! We will get back to you to discuss further. 

Both of us are looking forward to connecting with you. 

♡ Lisa & Rose



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