Threaded Earth


Hi, I'm Lisa Maree, Founder & Creative Director of Threaded Earth.

Here's a little about me…

From a very young age, I started working in the fashion industry. With one of my very first jobs as a teenager, I was invited to work alongside a German milliner. I was introduced to making jewellery and hats and experiencing fashion that was exciting and different. I became confident, flamboyant, and expressive with the clothes that I wore and from here I developed a real passion to continue exploring my individuality and creativity.

Threaded Earth is not just about the clothing, it’s me holistically. I am a dreamer, with a wild imagination, an earth child with wanderlust, in an endless pursuit of experiencing life with a great sense of adventure! I simply love to seek and explore - fashion is one of the ways in which I find a way to express myself while giving me a sense of freedom as I creatively play. 

Threaded Earth is tribal, with a collective message of freedom in self-expression. It's a journey that I look forward to taking you on as we evolve and grow together through sharing my own personal stories that are expressed through creative writing and design. 

Threaded Earth allows me to weave magic into each design, and to curate something truly beautiful that I personally love to adorn and share with you. 

♡ Lisa Maree 

I was born on the Cross of the Vessel of Love

Have you discovered your design? The Human Design System has unlocked a much deeper understanding of the many interrelated facets of the human body, mind and spirit. I certainly invite you to explore. I am a Certified Professional by the International Human Design School.

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