History of Threaded Earth

Welcome to Threaded Earth. A brand that was created as a form of expression, a creative outlet with each collection an opportunity to explore a feeling and curiosity inside. Threaded Earth is not just about the clothing, it’s me holistically. A journey that I look forward to taking you on as we evolve and grow together. 

Threaded Earth embodies freedom and expression

From a very young age I worked in the fashion industry, with one of my very first jobs as a teenager working alongside a German milliner. I was introduced to making jewellery and hats, experiencing fashion that was exciting and different. I became confident and expressive with the clothes that I wore, dressing with individuality and developing a passion to explore. I am a dreamer, an earth child with a wanderlust, in an endless pursuit of great adventure! With a wild imagination and flamboyant style, I see no limitations in what could unfold. Threaded Earth is tribal, it is collective, a sharing of my own personal experiences that are expressed through creative writing and design. An offering into the community and in return to gather and attract back.


Threaded Earth is 100% Australian Designed and Made - using only natural fabrics. 

I myself appreciate boutique and I honour to keep my collections small with limited production and to remain onshore. Threaded Earth features exclusive hand drawn prints and blended linen ranges. All garments are wrapped with love and presented in timeless organic packaging. 


 Be Inspired. Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.



Lisa Maree 


Be Inspired.. Be Beau

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