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Threaded Earth

Threaded Earth designs are inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature. Designed to invigorate and inspire - the Bohemian spirit.

Striking and enriching colour combinations, with diverse influences, from the sunrise over the crystal coastlines of Australia, to the sunset over the plains of Africa and beyond.

 Threaded Earth embodies freedom and expression. Featuring exclusive hand drawn prints, using only natural fabrics all delivered in beautiful organic packaging.

  Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. 

Let Threaded Earth take you on a journey that will invigorate and inspire the soul.



The Designer

Threaded Earth was dreamt up by designer and founder Lisa Maree Akhurst on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

 Lisa Maree has worked in the fashion industry from a very young age. One of her first jobs as a teenager was working alongside a German milliner making jewellery and hats, experiencing fashion that was exciting and different. She became confident and expressive with the clothes that she wore, dressing with individuality and developing a passion to explore.

 Lisa Maree is a dreamer, an earth child with a wanderlust, always looking for the next destination to discover! She loves nothing more than to bring influences back from those places and to incorporate them into her designs.

 She has a wild imagination, a flamboyant style and a keen interest in history and the world’s vast and diverse culture.

 She loves different, she loves unique, she loves feminine and cool.

 "My label in every essence of the word is “boutique” I created the brand as a form of expression of who I am. Each collection gives me a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore a feeling and curiosity inside.  Threaded Earth is not just about the clothing, it’s me holistically. It’s always been more than just the label. It’s tribal, a collective of my experiences expressed through design and writing. An offering in to the community and in return to gather and attract back" 



World Animal Protection 

Lisa Maree has a deep connection with and love for all animals on our planet Earth. She believes a little can help a lot - one by one we can all make a positive difference in the struggle against the cruel and unjust way in which many animals are treated.


 The time for change is now.  

We are one. Become one.


Threaded Earth proudly supports World Animal Protection  giving to those who don’t have a voice.


 Be Inspired. Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.



Be Inspired. Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.


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