Living Your Design Awakening with Lisa & Rose - To be announced

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Join us and experience a unique Living Your Design Awakening Journey - Dive into the richness of your design and be guided by two perspectives and Projector frequencies. This classroom is designed to experience the diversity of The Four Types. 

Manifestor - Closed and Repelling Aura 

Generator/Manifesting Generator - Open and Enveloping Aura 

Projector - Focused and Absorbing Aura 

Reflector - Resistant and Sampling


Living Your Design teaches us the most important and transformational aspects of Human Design. The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to identify what is correct for us. The information provided in the Living Your Design Program leads you to a path of deep self-discovery and profound knowledge.  



In this program you will discover:

  • What is Human Design - The Homo-Sapien in Transitus   
  • The 9 Centres - How they Function and signposts of alignment or not
  • Aura Types - Strategies and Inter-Type interaction
  • Authority - How best to make correct decisions


Your Program includes 9 consecutive weeks of 2 hour online sessions:

Week 1. Introduction to Human Design, Neutrinos and the Not-Self mental game.

Week 2. The Types and Decision-Making Strategy

Week 3. Definition and Authority

Week 4. Pressure Centres - (Head and Root)

Week 5. Throat – What Are Your Voices?

Week 6. Awareness Centres, Fear and Its Intelligence (Splenic & Ajna)

Week 7.  Awareness Centre - Emerging of Emotional Consciousness (Solar Plexus) 

Week 8. Generative life force (Sacral) 

Week 9. Heart/Ego and  explore your sense of Love and Direction (G Centre)

Requirements to attend:

  • ZOOM - classes will be held via zoom and will be recorded
  • Living Your Design Student Manual
  • The Definitive Book of Human Design (optional)


The session will be conducted by Lisa Maree, a 3/6 Mental Projector and Rose Osman, 2/4 Splenic Projector.

Completion of this program qualifies you to advance to the next foundation courses if you have interest to follow the Professional path or simply take a deeper dive.  

Courses include:
Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography. Before you commence into further courses a Foundation Reading by a Certified Analyst is required. 

Ongoing support: 
All students will have access to a private Facebook group. Here you will find extra resources available and enjoy connecting with like-minded others on the same path, sharing in experiences and learning through each other. Private follow up and coaching sessions are also available.  

Are you ready to begin your cellular transformation? 

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