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Jungalow Style

Jungalow Style
Our love of nature inspires us to bring plantlife into our
 homes. They can seem bare, almost lifeless without it. I find
plants literally breathe life into our living spaces, bringing
beauty, warmth and colour. A kind of magic which is therapeutic,
enriching and calming.



 Jungalow Style is about bringing the natural world indoors and
the more the merrier I say! It ties everything together. Have
you ever been unsure what to put in that awkward space? It’s a
plant! Plants complement and soften the decor, the furniture and
decorations that reflect our life's journey and the places we've
been. I feel that they create spaces that nurture us, feeding
our souls and our creativity.


The way we think of our homes and the way we use them is
changing right? They are no longer just a place to lay our
heads, they have become more creative and multi-purpose - places
to work, to relax, to capture and reflect our memories and our
lifestyles. Working out of home I crave the company of these
green guys (not strange!), it just comforts and calms me.



We love to travel and to discover new influences, gathering
mementos as we go. So amongst all the greenery are much loved
treasures, brought home to be placed in the perfect spot or
nook. Pottery from the Mediterranean, carvings from South
America, beautiful hanging lamps from Morocco, exquisite ethnic
rugs. These diverse combinations just tie in perfectly to make a
cozy boho home!


Jungalow style is about creating the ideal mix - a combination
of comfy furniture and ethnic arts and crafts with luscious and
leafy plants. Creating a bohemian environment which is natural
and rustic, a place to reflect on our past, cherish our present
and dream of our future.
 Love LM xx

 Images: fleamarketfab 



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  • Casey Saccomanno: August 29, 2016

    Currently decorating a new apartment and loved reading this for inspiration! Definitely need some plants in my new space!!!

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