Sun Gazer

Sun Gazer


I believe awareness is truly enhanced when we relax into the magic of what it is to be ourselves. Although the universe is interrelated and we feel or see familiarities in each other, not one person is the same or here to be repeated.


What we share is LIFE.


We are here to connect and move through each other’s frequency, a beautiful dance and interaction with each other. Consciousness, in form, embodied to experience the mundane plane, incarnated to individually raise our universal vibration.

In the past I wasn’t quite sure I believed in personal destiny and was in full control of creating who and what I became. Turns out I have new truths and strongly believe that we have NO CHOICE but two paths. A life in true alignment on path and purpose living out our natural instincts and energetic pull towards the future or ignoring them and constantly being in the mind and living in a shadow state, with a lifetime of never really getting to a point of pure happiness and real joy.


We have a lifetime to fulfil our dharma, our greater purpose and to feed our internal desires.


When we harness what is truly correct for us and live with purpose, we live to our highest values. In return life flows and we receive exactly what we need, taking in gratitude and deep satisfaction. We need to trust in ourselves, there is no right from wrong (besides the obvious). The lumps and bumps throughout our path are just indications and subtle taps on the shoulder, lessons and truths we need in order to grow and evolve.

Questions I continually ask myself…am I honouring my truths and does this feel right for me? What is my intention behind my actions?


The greatest gift we have is being empowered to live authentically as ourselves with no exceptions and no apologies!!


There is no denying we are extremely unique beings in our views, perspective and motivations. It goes deep but just on a surface level, no one can truly understand what value we bring to the world, we are the only person that can decipher this. The more we embrace our differences and let them shine, the more our life will truly unfold as it was meant to be.


Our truth is found within.


Do you remember your child spirit? The world was your oyster and anything and everything was possible. As we continue to grow and experience life we may start to pull away from certain dreams, conforming to the homogenised world, feeling unmeasurable pressure to be “successful”, earn money to simply “survive”.


Money is an exchange to live… yes. Be true to your nature and resources will follow.


What’s your life’s expression?


I was living in my shadow frequency for a long time. Shying away from my inner truths and natural curiosities for life, simply to satisfy the demands of the world and those around me. As a child I specifically remember being told that my ideas were a little crazy and not going to work and “this is the way life is”.  This left me to feel frustrated and recluse, shying away of expressing what lights me up inside as they will either be frowned upon or challenged for the differences.


By following our instincts in life and educating ourselves where we have the greatest of interest - this is where we truly “THRIVE”. I am so pleased and forever grateful for acknowledging that I was living in the shadow of my higher self and deeply in a conditioned mind. Playing out roles that were only delivering short-term fulfilment and leaving my creative passions as nothing more than a fantasy.


We all play a role in this life and we are all special. We are heading into the future with a new way of “being”, I am extremely excited to watch this unfold, I can literally feel this energy and sense similar qualities in individuals of regaining their power for greater of human kind. We are slowly unveiling the darkness of our past, nearing the end of a life cycle as we venture forward. Nothing is stagnant. We are under constant mutation as a species, gaining back our awareness to see what this life truly has to offer.


I love being open and respectful to others wisdom. Personally I believe the KEY is to be more aware of the information we are receiving at any moment, letting it pass and be in-motion if it doesn’t resonate and feel correct for us. In my past I have made the mistake of trying to figure it all out in my mind and trying to make sense or relate to others beliefs or knowing, creating a deeper imitation of what is real. We know when something doesn’t sound or feel right within our own body. We need to trust within and stop the over-thinking, rather, being receptive and attuned to our inner knowing. We are able to discern for ourselves between the truth and lies. Can we be less rigid.. to let go of old belief systems that don’t truly serve us? I’m not saying the other is wrong, but it’s just not what we may necessarily need to hold onto.

We spend a lifetime collecting information and recycling it to feel “smarter” or feel “worthy”. What information is really correct and worth holding onto for you?


Sun Gazer in all its essence is here to inspire a discovery of what it is to truly be you! I have been exploring the mysteries of the pineal gland, like many civilisations practiced and had knowledge of. Symbolically this has been seen within ancient cultures such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greek mythology and Christianity. If you are interested in discovering the pineal gland and the key to waking up, I invite you to start your own journey and investigation. Below are a few of my favourites to help get you started.


Sun Gazing. The pineal gland is activated by light, natural light. It is only safe to look into the sun no later than thirty minutes after sunrise and sunset. A few seconds to one minute gives me what I need to feel enriched. However there are very dedicated sun-gazers that build a tolerance of up to thirty minutes. Please do your own research in relation to this and listen to your own guidance of inner authority.


Other benefits include increased;


- Serotonin and melatonin

- Intuition

- Vitality and energy

- Sex drive

- Reduced hunger cravings


Fluoride. The Pineal glands main function is melatonin production that is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light as mentioned before. Calcification from a build up of fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland. As your pineal hardens due to the phosphate crystal production, less melatonin is produced and regulation of your sleep cycle gets disturbed.


Cocao. Studies show Cocao is nutrient dense and enhances mood and cognitive function. One key component in Cocoa is Theobromine, the positive effects of Theobromine include;


- Reduction of blood pressure

- Strengthening of tooth enamel

- Mental health benefits

- Acts as a mild stimulant

- Anti inflammatory properties


Organic produce. I feel it is so important to be mindful where we source our foods. Although it might be more expensive and less convenient, the long term benefits certainly outweigh our the short term gain. It all starts with one person and one becomes many, supporting local and importantly slowing our “need” for certain produce. Heading towards a more sustainable future. (to be continued in a future blog).


Essential oils. It appears the Egyptians were the first culture to use these extracts for various uses including beauty care, culinary, spiritual and physical wellbeing. This is one of my all time favourites!


Essential oils are one of many ways to stimulate and activate the pineal gland. I have formulated a potent blend that will enhance the pineal gland and also support and heighten intuition, protect and ground you.

Third Eye Essential Oil Blend 

 Activating the pineal gland will help us live fuller and richer lives moving away from the mind control and reactive past of illusion and ego, heading to truly thriving and BEING, aligning our inner intuitive guidance.


May we be aligned to the universal flow and attuned to the universal intelligence.


This life is your movie, your theatre, your stage! Your chosen trajectory!


I believe there is no greater time to take charge of your life and live one that truly resonates to you. We can feel a shift in consciousness and the universe is feeding us this information through the neutrino stream. We need to listen and trust those instincts, nurturing who we are and what we came here for.


Only YOU can unlock YOUR truth.


For me personally, I will be vulnerable, honest and rid any rigid beliefs that no longer serve me, conversely being open and nurturing that ‘inner childs’ innocent quality.


Choose love not fear. Radiate your magic out into the world!

With love always,

LM xx


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This article resonates with me on many levels. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Activating the pineal gland is one of the keys to “waking up”. Thank you for bringing this aspect of our divinity into the conversation.

I also LOVE essential oils. I use them for cleaning, cooking and everything in between.


I loved this! Your writing is beautiful. Thank you xxx


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