“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine!”

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine!”

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine!” Even if it is via the sun emoji…

As start-up businesses, a lot of the time we embark on our side hustle solo because we don't have the funds to either outsource or employ a team. There is so much work to be done and most of the time it falls upon the founder to deal with design, website management, marketing and social media, sourcing..trust us - the list goes on and on! 

Don't get us wrong though, it is all pretty exciting stuff! As business owners with our own individual visions, we do in fact thrive off it! We think of these things as little achievements along the way that drive us to either achieving an end goal or kicking multiple goals along the way. They're probably far from the reason we started the journey in the first place, for example nailing a shoot campaign or securing a new supplier, but we are happy to admit that we had no idea what we were in for when first registering the business name

We have been open to sharing our light bulb moments as well as our struggles with each other and - most comfortingly - helping each other to realise that we were not alone. Let’s face it, our friends and family don’t really understand what drives us, whether this is just a creative outlet, or the realisation of the dream we have had for years. Finding someone you connect with and helping each other grow is quite possibly the closest thing to a business partner.

There are unique intricacies to our own labels – both with a strict Australian Made focus. Collaborating can have a positive influence in keeping each other focused, building brand momentum and producing our very best concepts. 

Decision making. Yes we said it, decision making!!! A girl's worst nightmare at times, if you're anything like us? Sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to have a little validation from someone you trust and who understands and gets your vision. Checking in for an opinion on a colour way, wording, models or even influencers to collaborate with. We all need that someone who's got our back, someone that can be straight up honest and tell us we are over thinking things, or not hold back by telling us we are being totally unrealistic. 

Daily banter like this has grown and strengthened our relationship in business and we have formed a genuine friendship - one of fun, love, respect and trust. Being a solo business operator can be a lonely road at times so to have someone who can totally relate to what you’re going through on a daily basis is truly amazing. Our chemistry is undeniable and this collaboration shoot was in fact the first time we had met face to face. We hit it off just like we had known each other for years. With both of us living in different states, our communication is mainly via Insta, iMessage or a good old fashioned phone convo.

If you have been feeling isolated and alone when working on your start up, we couldn't recommend reaching out to someone more. A cool shoot collaboration like we did, or maybe opening a conversation with someone you admire and follow on Insta.

Communication is key! Our advice is to just be open and get amongst like minded people, you will be surprised at the new and wonderful opportunities that are available to you!




This world is for creation and possibilities after all.

With love,
Lisa Maree and Tara xx 
Sets of Seven @setsofseven
Threaded Earth @threadedearth

 Photography by Ethan Entz www.ethanelientz.com

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