Full Moon in Cancer 2020

Full Moon in Cancer 2020

Full Moon in Cancer  divine and feminine energy. My personal sign and my ruling planet

Today I walked in the gentle rain and dove into pristine waters. Feeling cleansed and pure, vibrant and truly alive. My thoughts flow freely.. I am feeling deeply aware of the energies that reside within my being and clearly seeing the movement of where I am and continue to be aligned to. I am constantly spiralling into the depths of eternal love and true acceptance.

Last year I expressed that I was honouring myself in slowing down, I also let go of those forces that no longer served me and continue to do so. I am forever open to new connections and those who feel correct for me.

Today I wanted to share with you words from a beautiful soul SiStar. A real example of what we are truly here for and all deserve to be surrounded by.

 Wrap yourself in love. Pure LOVE


Her words..

All of my feelings are just streaming from you and my desire to share all of my experiences with you. You haunt my head because you have shown me how to appreciate the madness in there and help me sort it out, communicate it, accept its mysteries and leave me craving more.. 


You haunt my heart because you embody a love that runs through my veins and amplifies everything I have ever known as truth and more. You have validated love in its purity, in its progression, in its longing and consistent growth. You have expanded my capacity to love.


You haunt my eyes because every thing I see I want to share with you. You have added a filter of beauty, an additional ring of life around my iris. Both when my eyes are open and closed. In fact, what I see when they now close, has enhanced far greater than I can explain.


I hope to be haunted by you for ever.


JT x

My last note..

May we all continue to honour our feelings, dreams and deepest desires. Forever feeling into our truth and in return, being nourished and supported by our environment and those we choose to move through and dance with.

I’ll be over here living in the moment of my forever now.


May this moment of yours be true to you..


Lisa Maree ♡

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Beautiful words. May your vessel of love always runneth over and that I may be there to bathe in its wisdom and light.


This is what I needed to read, always refreshing and grounding reading your mind.

Claire Marie Stokes

My cup runneth over.
and not because I’m a 3rd line being with the channel of struggle… (prone to spills)

Rather I am receptive to love and therefore seeping out the seams . Thank you for being, thank you for being love, and thank you for being an expression of beautiful brilliant authenticity.

Jazman Thompson

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