Eternal Romance

Eternal Romance

It's all in the journey. This life I've decided to ride it my way, making it up as I go. With a smile like a fool and a heart that's always open. Swept up and lost, escaping the mundane, drifting and exploring this land. This life I'm ready, let's go!!

Forever caught up in a timeless adventure, an Eternal Romance.

Working with the beautiful Christina Macpherson was truly something special, she was just perfect for this campaign. A creative, a poet, a true life artist, innocent and cheeky all at the same time! 

Eternal Romance was born in the stunning countryside of new Zealand, down a secret and picturesque lane of exceptional beauty. Finding an old abandoned house to set up camp (or squat!) in and a line to hang massive panties (hehe panties) from - talk about location location!!

This collection means a lot to me personally, expressing my views about life and what I have done to make mine unique. Creating something meaningful and truly special, something to be proud of. For years I chased money, in positions that were meaningless and unfulfilling. I appreciate the life experience and opportunities it brought, but I suffered internally. This life. It's what you make it. And I truly believe that if you do what you love then it will set you free!

Lose yourself in love and life! And always look at things with a new and fresh perspective, no matter what your past experience. 

be inspired. be yourself. be beautiful.


Love LM xx

Collection ~ Eternal Romance 

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