Dreamers Array

Dreamers Array

Love, Honour and Play!

Dreamers Array in every sense embodies the essence of life! We are here to forever fall... fall in love with true acceptance of who we are, honouring our life and adjust to one that is TRUE. BEING the full expression of our unique selves, singing and dancing in our highest frequency. Transcending out of fear, to sampling life, tasting life and experiencing life! 

What is success to you? 

I believe in creation and am curious by nature, a true optimist, ready to explore! Since becoming a mother, I have further honoured and appreciated the many facets that I am. Allowing room for all of me... mother, lover, student, creative and expressive soul! An entrepreneurial spirit that loves to spread her wings! I’m a sucker for diversity and a freak for business.

I thoroughly enjoy floating between many creative tasks and absolutely adore when invited to play amongst other businesses. Organically I empower others and whether it be a concept from scratch or infusing new life, I’m addicted to the creative process and very passionate about encouraging those visions to float to the surface. It gives me great pleasure to be of service to others and to see people following their passions. When we align with the correct others, collaboration is fun, it brings real joy and laughter - this is where the magic happens! 

I’m constantly attuning and adapting to my own flow and natural rhythms.

Success for me really is balance, that word BALANCE is key for me and a holistic approach is taken and applied in all things that I do. Too much of one thing you know... I get bored, I need to feel inspired and don’t like being so rigid and structured, I honestly don’t like the feeling of being boxed in at all and when that feeling arises, I back off, rather allowing the right timing for things to unfold. When I push, life pushes back and the more awareness I have of these sensations of stagnation and pull back, the smoother things roll and in the correct timing, greater things evolve! As long as I’m having fun, everything just works!!! 
We are all here to feel pressure and be moved by it but what is healthy for you and what is truly here to evolve us in the right direction? As I slowly faded out of the corporate hustle a few years back now, and even from many social dynamics, I have found deeper happiness and true fulfilment in my retreat. I knew it was time to steal myself away.. only to be immersed in to the dream of Threaded Earth and further studies of interest. I certainly enjoyed the journey and appreciated the experiences, but that space/place just wasn’t for me anymore or more importantly, it had definitely run its course. People have laughed at me for saying this (hehe) but I have removed myself from the Gregorian calendar wheel, I respect and am more attuned to myself and the natural cycles. This is my world and the earth I belong to, not some structured planned nonsense that no longer serves me.

This is my life, these are my dreams and this is my way. 

I have really learnt to appreciate my space so much and just the room to breathe, to be able to feel my core essence, without all the distortion and influence of the outside world. Each day is a blessing and as the Array of Desires and Dreams flood through me, I get to watch what comes up and explore from there.. 
It is so important for me to feel anchored and follow what I love, I am continuously inspired by the beauty of what life presents to me each day. And with each day, I fall further into the acceptance of my diverse roles and am called to what lights me up and makes me tingle inside. 

I am forever evolving! Evolving through my own unique experiences...

I’m for the art of living and the world as I see it personally for me. Forever falling back into my innocence and finding new ways to be. I see the veils of reality are falling away and we are collectively reshaping our future. I say Dream your Dreams, dwell in them, let them come alive. Dive in deeply into your own curiosities of discovery and what this life means to you... Allowing new realisations to come as we constantly evolve and journey through. 
True magic and beauty lie within. Moving and dancing with those aligned others that see us for who we are. You are love and absolute perfection. Be the love that you are and life will take what it needs from you and present itself in all its mysterious ways. I see the interrelatedness of it all and I am constantly awe-inspired. 

Life is fertile, a constant moment of growth and mutation.

Love and Emotion ~ Energy-in-Motion!

So let it move, let the life unfold. May we honour what our body speaks, paying attention in any given moment and surrendering to its innate intelligence. We all play a role in this vast frequency puzzle. So let us play!

A Dreamers Array ~ 

 Lisa Maree 


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You have a beautiful soul Lisa Maree xx Keep on living and fulfilling our greatest gift -LIFE! Smile and love 💕 everyday, keep up the great work


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