Soul Connections

Soul Connections

Feeling compelled to write this piece on my Birthday June 22. Over the years of an already magical and beautiful life I have met some incredibly inspiring people who have only made it even more wonderful and adventurous!

The path that I have chosen has led me to these gorgeous souls and I feel blessed everyday to know I am where I need to be and ready for where the future will take me..

Do you feel the same? I hope you enjoy!

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Have we met before?


There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of an instant connection! Have you ever met someone who you feel strongly that you already know? Like they are already part of your family or one of your closest besties?! Don't you just love the magic in meeting complete strangers and enjoying that burst of emotion, joy and similarities!

Your soul has recognised something in that person on a deeper level. A kindred spirit perhaps, or a soul mate. How many people like that do we meet in our lifetimes? A handful perhaps, maybe two or three, or maybe only that one special person who we can say truly had a major impact on our life.

We are destined to meet these people and they often enter our lives at exactly the time we need them. If our hearts are open then they will help us, heal us, take our lives where we need them to go and help us to become the people who we long to be. Had we met them earlier or later then we wouldn’t have been ready to accept them, or we would already have moved on.


The soul holds memories deep within. Connections we made in previous lives carry forward into this one like whispers, a beautiful feeling that we cannot explain.

Maybe we make a pact to see people again in the next life. Perhaps our time together was cut short and we didn’t see our relationship through. Or perhaps it's a yearning to meet our one true soul mate again because we can't imagine spending a lifetime without them.

So when we do meet again, we recognise instantly that there is a connection. We know this person’s energy as well as we know our own. Whatever the reason we have been brought back together - whether to love or to learn - we feel like we already know this person.

That's because on a deeper level, we already do!

We are all travellers in this life and when we meet our soul connections we should cherish the moment, recognise what destiny has provided and open our hearts.


Love the journey. Enjoy the experience.


Feel the Magic!


Threaded Earth 
 Heavenly images: Amanda Charchian
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I’ve had this feeling!! In my mid 20’s I’m at the age when majority of my friends I have known for years and never really meet new people. That’s why I was so surprised when I met Liss (my now bestest friend). We instantly hit it off and it’s like we were the same person. Our humour, expression and even way of saying things was exactly the same.
It felt like (and still does)as if we are sisters. How else could we be so alike if we haven’t grown up together.
She is now my best friend. I would do anything for her and she would do the same for me. We have only known each other for a year, but I don’t trust anyone as much as I do this human. I tell her everything and trust and respect everything she says. She looks out for my best interest just like a sister would, and I the same to her.
I knew from the moment I met her we would be good friends forever.

Love my Boho Bestie Xxx


Happy Birthday my beautiful wifey, Love you always gorgeous soul.

Famous Johnty

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