Tribal Influence

Tribal Influence

Expression is everything

The jewellery you wear, perhaps more so than your clothing, really reflects who you are.. but the pieces you choose go deeper than that, they also reflect your inner longings and your emotional aspirations. Your jewellery is your personality on show, but it’s also who and where you connect with inside. 

Tribal jewellery is such a major influence on fashion right now because it bonds us with other cultures, it speaks to us about our spiritual selves and tells us stories of travel and other lands. It brings faraway shores directly to us wherever we are.

The Out of Africa Collection brings Southern Ethiopia, West Africa and the Caribbean into your everyday life. The stunning Karo Collar and the Voodoo Spike, influenced by traditional crafts, the nature and wildlife of these areas, and authentic African art. With statement pieces like the Dogon Collar evoking the sunsets and desert of Mali where the Dogon Tribe hails from you share your vibrancy through the bright colours and distinctive tribal design.

These pieces are more than just beautiful jewellery, they are who you are and who you want to be. Designs that explore your individuality while at the same time aligning your spiritual self with other cultures and other lives.






Be Inspired. Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.

 Threaded Earth 

 Threaded EarthOut of Africa

Models: Imanii Imanii & Melanie Palummo 

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  • Tara: November 03, 2021

    Just beautiful x

  • Casey Saccomanno: June 04, 2016

    I love how the necklaces really tell a bohemian story from the unique color combinations you use to how you choose to photograph and style them. Very excited you have a blog now to connect the customer even closer to your brand! Excited to see what is too come in the future for Threaded Earth :)

  • Ian: June 04, 2016

    Love the Tribal Collars! Really beautiful and different. Interesting blog too :)

  • Maria: June 04, 2016

    A beautiful read and collection. Thank you

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